Saturday, June 22, 2013

Welcome To My Experiment. Mwahahaaaa!

So, I won't belabor the fact that it took me forever just to get this far in blogsville.  The idiot-proof site was no match for me.  It only matters that we made it here, and hopefully have something of fun and value to impart. As I become an adept blogger, the plan is to be far more interractive with readers. 
My insatiable curiosity extends to you!

Now. Let’s get one thing straight.  I am an expert on not one thing, beyond my own viewpoints.   Since I pride myself on being able to admit my limitations, you will not likely encounter political musings, medical advice, or any kernels of wisdom based on religion.  What you will find are deeply honest accounts of my experiences as  – Massage Therapist and  Poet.  Before you run off, poo-pooing the very idea, here is a non-exhaustive list of what you may find.
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Massage Therapy, But Were Afraid to Ask.  A therapist’s account of what really goes on in our head during a session.  Answers to your burning questions such as, “does it bother you that I didn’t shave my legs today?” and “how many hours a day can you do this before you fall over?”  I believe this will interest many people because you are sure to see yourself in the things that everyone asks!
Body Part of the Month – Okay, so this is sort of medical.  Consider it a passive way for you to gain a tidbit of information about the parts we all share.  Special focus to the muscles, lymph and cardiovascular systems since those are most affected by Massage Therapy.
-Poetry –It’s not just for pedantic, elitist tool bags.  What I like. What I’ve learned through the submissions process.  Why it's not stupid, and you are not stupid if you've never enjoyed it.  I will bravely post some of my own stuff in the hope of forcing a few other frustrated poets out of the closet.  You are out there.  I know it.    
-Questionnaires for Fun and Relationships – As a kid, I lived for questionnaires.  I loved the idea of revealing myself to a friend.  Wait.  That sounded perverse.  But, seriously, I did find that while some friends were skilled at it, some practically got hives at the mere idea.  It is my hope that by providing a probing questionnaire now and then, you can ferret out your own responsive question buddies.
-Things I LOVE.  To know me is to feel the enthusiasm I have when discovering a great new product, service, or establishment.  Out of sheer compulsion, I’ll be posting reviews of my sometimes off the beaten path discoveries.  Oh, I also have a penchant for ludicrously easy recipes.  TWO ingredient cookies, anyone?
-Toss in a bit of doggie hilarity (two neurotic terriers), teen drama/angst (two daughters)and various and sundry aspects of relatable life.  You're bound to have an Erma Bombeck moment or two.  And if you get that reference right off, you are in the right place.
If you're still not the least bit titillated, we are probably not a good match.  However, I still invite you to take this journey with me for a while.  The best trips are often the least expected, and I have NO idea where I am going.

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