Monday, July 15, 2013

On A Personal Note

Here is the poem I wrote and shared yesterday at the reading.  Poetry is often best when heard rather than lying about on a page.  However, you will note the “poem within a poem” along the left hand margin, accented by extra space.   Of course, that part was lost on listeners.  It was still very well received.
I really enjoy things put together in the vernacular.  I think you can be both literate and use simple language effectively.  After all, the entire purpose, written OR spoken, is to communicate.  So why not write as we speak?
A Lecture For Daughters
Get     on a train.
Sit     next to a junkie.
Wonder     where he was last night?  But
 Refuse     to eat the Wonder bread (and not for the reasons they tell you you shouldn’t)
Don’t     hitchhike on the soul of another (instead, thumb your way to Whynot, North Carolina)
Steal     the purse, without having a wallet.
Give     birth to the brother you never had.
Share     him with the aunt you fail to visit.
Be     an intractable fuck, in the erstwhile game.
Make     orphans of your damsels.
 Force     them to work.
Grieve     the death of each Beatle, no matter how late it is.
-jean sotos
I have been asked why I write poems.  My first answer, I suppose, is a love of words.  Their sounds, nuances of meaning through interesting juxtapositions and power fascinate me.  What does it accomplish?  Well, there is where my goal is very simple.  If someone, somewhere, spends two minutes of their day thinking in a different way because they’ve read one, I feel I’ve done my job.
For those of you who don’t know, I have two daughters.  I wanted to write something that at once showed the love, regret, fear and humanity that all parents experience – ultimately culminating in the letting go.  Hoping to heaven they will live large and be safe.

In 2008

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