Tuesday, February 11, 2014

That's Women's Work! Catching Up With Liz at Your Turn Fitness

I almost wish this was an audio interview.  For those who have never met Liz Mlcoch, her pleasant way and enthusiasm are disarming.    Her careers in Education and later Fundraising in the non-profit sector were satisfying and a good fit for a long time. She and I sat down today. Though we’ve known one another for a several years, we spoke for the first time in detail about her business and how it came to be.
We started at the most obvious place, the beginning.  When asked how the concept of Your Turn Fitness came to be, Liz was very clear.  She had always been a fitness entusiast, growing up with all brothers in a rural area.  There was plenty of opportunity for physical activity, even though girls didn’t have much in the way of organized sports available to them.  As an adult, she pushed herself hard as a runner.  Too hard, in fact. Once she began to get bit older, it was her own aches and pains that caused her to begin something more regimented, but also gentler. Her fitness goals changed from “how do I look” to “how do I feel”, and this was the impetus for Your Turn Fitness. 
As the name suggests, Liz focuses on a mature clientele.  At 47, I am on the younger end.  She has worked with everyone from 14 year old athletes to 85 year old people who have never exercised before. But her passion is helping older adults stay pain free and active.  “While there is no fountain of youth”, she says, “if there were, it would be regular exercise.”
 Fitness Training is an intensely competitive industry, having as many or more modalities as my field of Massage Therapy – and new ones being invented all the time.  I wanted to know what made her approach different and effective to those she works with.  “It’s in the assessment”, she says.  There is no magic pill to give a person commitment to fitness, so Liz gauges readiness with a few simple questions.  Asking a potential client “why?” or “why now?” can reveal motivations that get at the heart of what a client really needs and wants. Often, it is a recent health concern cropping up (Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure are common ones). The more specific the answer, the better, she tells me.  “I want to get into better shape” is far too vague!
“It is very important that the client has a solid understanding of what Personal Training will and won't do for them. A well thought out, personalized training program can work wonders but it needs to be paired with proper nutrition, proper rest, and an overall healthy lifestyle.” 

 Wonders, indeed. In Your Turn Fitness I have found the non-judgmental, professional, customized fitness support that I can live with and enjoy long term.  And I am lucky to say that in Liz, I have also found a friend.
Interested in a career as a Personal Traininer?
In addition to study at The American Council on Exercise (ACE) and passing the National Certification Exam, Liz receives at least the required amount of continuing education each year.  Her additional training has targeted core, balance, fall prevention, life after hip replacement surgery, and impact of medicines on exercise.  These are obvious choices for her, but there are so many more populations to be explored.
You can reach Liz with questions, or to schedule a no commitment consultation by emailing her at Liz@YourTurnFitness.com.  The web address is www.YourTurnFitness.com 
She is currently available to take on one or two more regular clients, but she is just one woman.  Space is limited!
If you would like to be interviewed for the blog regarding your business, email Jean at swashblogger@gmail.com.  Please put “That’s Women’s Work” in the subject line.

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  1. It should be noted (some of you are literally oceans away) that Your Turn Fitness serves the Western Suburbs of Chicago, and that Liz makes housecalls within our area.