Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Irish Have Oatmeal - A Recipe

McCann’s Irish STEEL CUT Oatmeal is so under appreciated.  The texture is a bit different than traditional “Quaker” type oats, but I actually prefer it.  It is less processed and has more nutrients and fiber naturally than quick cook oats.  I think it’s used less often because there is a 30 minute cook time.  But made this way, you’ll have breakfast for a whole week prepared in your fridge and ready to go.
Use recipe on container of McCann’s Irish STEEL CUT Oatmeal.  Up the recipe to make SIX servings.  Package says 30 minutes cook time, you can lessen that just a little bit to keep more of the grainy, chewy texture (I love that!).  Also, lessening the amount of water used in recipe just a tiny bit will ensure that it will get nice and solid in the fridge and be easy to cut into portions.
Once it has cooled a bit, pick one or more of the following to stir in (or come up with your own twist)
-Raisins or dried fruit of any kind
-Cinnamon or nutmeg
-Nuts of any kind.  I like walnuts, pecans or sunflower seeds best
-Sugar or Stevia
-Dark chocolate bits or even cocoa powder
Fold your choices into the oats and pour it all into a (preferably) glass baking dish.  Put into fridge overnight.  In the morning, cut into six slices.  Each one is a meal.  You can eat it cold or better yet, put a bit of milk or cream on top and heat in microwave for one minute. 
As prepared (without the goodies you may have added), one serving has 150 calories, is loaded with both soluble AND insoluble fiber, low sodium, zero cholesterol, and has just a half gram of saturated fat. 
Ah, those Irish : )

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