Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Therapeutic Massage Therapy - A Love Story

Her name is Claire, and we'll be seeing quite a lot of each other.  Yesterday afternoon with her was a transformative experience.  I'm a bit sore this morning, but it's the sweetest hangover!
Alright, enough with the innuendo.  Now that I have  your attention (you pervert), here is what I aim to say.

I get a LOT of massage.  This definitely falls under FAQ of my clients.  Sometimes I go as long as 2 months if I am feeling okay, though it all does come home to roost.  If I have a lot going on in my body, I will go as much as 90 minutes per week for a few weeks in a row.  Aside from needing and enjoying it, I consider it a professional duty.  Therapists should support each other and value their profession enough to seek it, pay for it, and learn from it. 

Claire bestowed up on me some of the best myofascial work I've encountered.  She was focused, knew her muscle groups, and worked on exactly the areas I specified.  Yes.  I did tell her I am a licensed massage therapist (knew you were wondering).  I stated that clearly on the form.  Some therapists are clearly intimidated by working on another therapist, but Claire was undaunted. 

Myofascial work is a slow, broad-based, sort of "shifting" of muscle.  Sounds easy, but there is a fair amount of intuition and a lot of patience required.  She stuck with it, and my back and glutes were singing.
Oh, and she undraped and worked my abs!  I have not had anyone do that since school.  This is where my professional jealousy kicked in.  I have not ever done myofascial work to a client's stomach in 5 years.  It is now on my "to do" list.

No.  I will not tell you where Claire works.  She's all mine.  However, if you are a city client and who I genuinely feel would benefit more from her work than mine, I will refer you. 


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