Friday, June 28, 2013

We're Born Naked - the rest is Drag

That's what Ru Paul said, and she ought to know.  Before we talk massage, I've got a little challenge.

It came to me as I was, once again sorting and organizing my cosmetics drawer.  Just how many products does it take to make a modern day woman presentable?

I consider myself to be less painted and coiffed than many, but exactly how many creams, paints and potions DOES it take to create that "natural look"?  I'd bet even men use more grooming items than they would guess...or care to admit.

So here's the plan.  As I write this, at 5 AM, I have yet to shower or ready myself for the day.  When I do, I am going to jot down each and EVERY product I use, start to finish.  I am talking soaps of any kind, toothpaste, hair care, eye cream - the works.  Mind you, today is going to be decidedly un-glam.  Red carpet ready woud probably require two to three times the smoke and mirrors.

Any guesses as to how many I will list?  Right now, I'm throwing out a conservative guess of 12.  Any wagers?  I will post results once I digest them.

I dare you to try it, and would love to hear any results.  Get the conversation started.  Consider ditching one or two steps in  your routine.  Think of all the money, packaging waste and time that could be saved in a year.  All a person needs is a really good haircut and sunscreen, right?  Results may vary.

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